Remember Jesus!

Are you looking for a magic pill to take away all the pain you are feeling?
Looking for something to take the depression… the emptiness?
Looking for something, anything to fill the empty void in your spirit?

Some look for it in a bottle or drugs.
Some look for it in money or being in the arms of the wrong person.
Some look for it in blind ambition or the sound of crowds cheering victory.

Jesus Christ is the only one who can give you the peace you are seeking.
He is the only one who can fill the empty void in your heart.

Perhaps, you are one who has known the love of Jesus before, but “life” has crowded Him out of your life.
You no longer have time for Him.

Max Lucado writes in his book, “Six Hours One Friday”…

“Oh, but how quickly we forget. So much happens through the years. So many changes within. So many alterations without. And, somewhere, back there, we leave Him. We don’t turn away from Him…we just don’t take Him with us.
Assignments come.
Promotions come.
Budgets are made.
Kids are born, and the Christ…the Christ is forgotten.

Has it been a while since you stared at the heavens in speechless amazement? Has it been a while since you realized God’s divinity and your carnality?

If it has, then you need to know something. He is still there. He hasn’t left. Under all those papers and books and reports and years. In the midst of all those voices and faces and memories and pictures, He is still there.

Think about the first time you ever saw Him.
Think about your first encounter with the Christ.
Robe yourself in that moment.
Resurrect the relief. Recall the purity.
Summon forth the passion.
Can you remember?

Describe the first time you “saw” Christ. How long ago did you first “see Christ”? If you could climb in a time machine and revisit that moment, would you? Why?

Can you still remember?
Are you still in love with Him?
Remember, Paul begged, Remember Jesus.
Before you remember anything, remember Him.
If you forget anything, don’t forget Him.”

There Is a God!

Yes, there is a God! Some people may question if God really does exist. God does not force us to believe in Him, though He could. Instead, he has provided sufficient proof of His existence for us to willing respond to Him.

Creation proves there is a designer and a creator. God, through Jesus Christ, makes it possible to know Him and His love for us in an intimate and personal way.

I know that there is a God and I know that He is alive! I have a personal relationship with Him, and there is nothing sweeter than His presence or more powerful.

This video is powerful and should cause you to think about the power of creation.

For it's God who created Heaven and Earth and flung the stars in space,
And breathed into a handful of dirt and it became a man.
It's God who sits on a circle of the earth and measures the mountains in a scale,
And holds the seven seas in the palm of His hand.
It's God who sent His only begotten Son to the cross of Calvary
To save our souls from hell and the grave.
It's God who creates,
God who delivers,
God who heals,
And God who is worthy of a thunderous ovation of praise!

I pray that you are blessed today and make a decision for Jesus Christ.


Steve Harvey Introduces Jesus Christ

"Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father." (Phil. 2:9-11)